Jings, Crivvens and Help M’Boab!

Yon chils at Wikipedia hev pit up a Scots vershun o’ the site…’er isnae ‘at mich on ee noo but wit is there is bonnie ‘an guid…ah’m sure ee bonnie lads and lassies north o ‘ee border will fix ‘at richt quick!

Ee Link


New Start

So with my pending move to a Web 2.0 friendly company I thought I probably ought to start updating my blog, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages! I’m going to be working as a System Engineer for Trampoline Systems who are doing some very funky stuff to allow large organisations to enable more natural communication…the theory is that most organisations make humans try to communicate like computers, which stifles our natural instincts. Anyway, go check them out, it’s all very exciting! In other news, 8 days until I say bye-bye to the premium rate telephony sector.

And now for some stuff I like…